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A Colorful and Joyful Celebration: Aly and Caleb’s Vibrant Wedding at The Meekermark


August 21, 2023


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We're Nathan & Zoey and we're so happy you're here. This blog is a journal about our photography, family life, and travels. Stay a while and say hello!

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Love stories often begin in the most unexpected places, and for Aly and Caleb, theirs unfolded amidst the hallowed halls of Baylor University. On May 27th, 2023, their journey reached a milestone as they took center stage at The Meekermark.

Amidst a kaleidoscope of colors, heartwarming moments, and an atmosphere of pure enchantment, Aly and Caleb’s wedding day was a true reflection of their unique bond.

About The Meekermark – Wedding Venue in Magnolia, TX

The Meekermark is a wedding venue north of Houston a couple hours south of DFW (check our list of wedding venues in the DFW area) – specifically Magnolia – and is full of character. Aside from being in a beautiful area, part of what stands out is it’s history.

It’s one thing to note how neat it is that it is built from 200 year old reclaimed barn wood. But it’s the insight of the build that sets it apart from many other venues! Why? Because it was designed by wedding photographers!

Look – Zoey and I thrive in difficult lighting conditions – but when a venue keeps the photographs in mind with the build, one can’t help but be a bit extra grateful.

Caleb and Aly’s Wedding at the Meekermark

I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it a million other times – every wedding is full of memorable moments. Still, it’s always great to focus on one moment from each. In Aly and Caleb’s case, it was their decision to hold a communal communion.

It quickly became a deeply moving experience, marked by tears of joy and an overwhelming sense of unity.

As they stood hand in hand, they exchanged vows under the canopy of their shared values, solidifying their bond and bringing their families and friends closer together.

The reception – also at Meekermark – had its own treasures of memories, with vibrant colors and massive energy around every corner. The unexpected twist of Aly losing her voice on the big day only added to the uniqueness of the celebration.

Rather than letting it overshadow the day, Aly’s spirit and radiant smile became a symbol of resilience and positivity, inspiring everyone around her.

Now, there’s no such thing as a perfect wedding – and by that, I’m talking about from the time you say I do until the time you leave for the honeymoon. But there is one thing that cannot be denied – this wedding was as close to it as you can get.

There always seems to be something that couples need help with – whether its finding a vendor, repairing a dress, or even needing a confidence boost. Let me tell you, there was really nothing that needed to be mended for Caleb and Aly, thanks to their amazing wedding planner. I have to brag so hard on Courtney and her team at Moonstruck Events

By the time the wedding rolled around, all Zoey and I had to do was walk in, get our cameras, and archive the most beautiful day.

Every moment painted a picture of their colorful personalities, their bond, and their shared dreams. It’s clear that, as they walk into marriage together, Aly and Caleb are starting it with hearts full of joy, surrounded by the love and support of their families and friends.

Aly and Caleb – Zoey and I hope your days always be as vibrant and heartwarming as your wedding day. Here’s to a future filled with laughter, shared dreams, and the beautiful tapestry of love you’ve woven together!


Aly and Caleb’s vision of a vibrant and seamless wedding was brought to life by a team of exceptional vendors who poured their creativity and expertise into every detail. The harmony of their efforts created an atmosphere that perfectly complemented the couple’s love story.

Catering: The Hometown Chef Catering

Rentals: LG Event Pro & Linens & Events

Florist: Ponderosa Blooms

Transportation: I Do Transportation & Monarch British Limousine

Coordinator: Moonstruck Events TX

Makeup and Hair: Beauty by Carsen G and Hair by Sam

These talented professionals orchestrated a symphony of colors, flavors, and designs, turning Aly and Caleb’s vision into a vibrant reality. Their dedication and commitment played a pivotal role in ensuring that every moment, from the grand exchanges of vows to the smallest of details, was executed flawlessly.
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We're Nathan & Zoey and we're so happy you're here. This blog is a  journal about our photography, family life, and travels. Stay a while and say hello!

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