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Jennings Trace Wedding: A Contemporary Affair


July 31, 2023


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We're Nathan & Zoey and we're so happy you're here. This blog is a journal about our photography, family life, and travels. Stay a while and say hello!

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Have you ever met someone who just got you? I mean, not just a little bit, but they were so you that you shared the same name? Well, that’s what happened with Ryane and Ryan. Yes, you read that right – they have the same name! Oh, and they got each other so much they had a Jennings Trace wedding. Let’s make like a mystery murder podcast and dive into uncovering how this modern, contemporary wedding played out.

About Jennings Trace

Nestled in a tranquil area adjacent to Lake Conroe, just north of Houston, Jennings Trace offers an ideal setting for those seeking a serene and intimate ceremony. With no distractions to interfere, the venue provides resplendent views and prides itself on maintaining the highest standards by hosting only one event per day.

The best part is the generous capacity to accommodate up to 350 guests, leaving plenty of room for any spontaneous ideas. Ample parking and a wide range of rental options ensure your guests’ comfort and convenience. Moreover, Jennings Trace has beautiful spaces around the venue.

The Wildrose Chapel

It’s easy to say that the Wildrose Chapel is EASILY one of the most unique wedding chapels in the Houston area. What I love about it is the intentional design and attention to detail that make it space that doesn’t compete for exposure, but instead compliments the nature that surrounds it.

The Blue Willow Bridal Suite

One of the more difficult aspects of photographing bridal suits is the lack of space – even the ones that are “spacious.” The Blue Willow Bridal Suite found the problems bridal suites typically have (space, lighting, etc.) and resolved them. No, really. With large windows allowing beautiful light from all sides, plenty of storage space, comfortable seating, and individual salon stations, it’s a dream come true. 🤩

Moon Vine Pavilion

Are you ready to party in warm lighting, contemporary design, and space to cut a rug? Good. Because the Moon Vine Pavilion is going to rock your socks. It took the designers 18 months just to get the design right because they wanted every piece of this reception hall to be perfect.

Ryan and Ryane’s Modern, Contemporary Wedding at Jennings Trace

It’s your typical college love story. Ryan begins to attend Sam Houston State University. So does Ryane (try not to get confused). They get a job – low and behold it’s at the same restaurant. Suddenly, they’re spending so much time together at work, they become friends. Then, something happens inside of them – they don’t want to spend time away from each other. Suddenly, as if out of left field, they find themselves trading shifts with coworkers and working later than normal just to spend time together. It’s like the start to a Nicholas Sparks movie!

I’m writing this blog because somewhere along the lines of “hello” to “I do!” the Ryan(e)s got married at Jennings Trace. And when I say the love that was there was next level, I mean it was level 99. How I wish you could have been there to just hear how their friends and family spoke of how dependable and supportive they are. Their friends were in their corner and spoke so highly of them. Isn’t that what we all want in our marriage?

Memorable Moments

In an age where most couples are deconstructing typical wedding traditions, there are still couples who relish in the moment of the first look being reserved for the ceremony. Ryan and Ryane are one of those couples.

Choosing to opt out of a first look, the two instead made the choice to meet under the canopy of the cross, stand back-to-back, and exchange words and gifts through a first-touch. 

It’s funny how the things that were once traditional are now becoming the parts that are unique, isn’t it? Well, as if they weren’t unquestionably thoughtful in the ways they did things, they took it a step further with the exit.

You’re expecting a beautiful, sparkler exit with flowing dress and sweat, unbuttoned suit, aren’t you? If you are, well, you’re wrong. Try matching Nike tracksuits with white tennis shoes! When the doors opened, the guests were brimming ear-to-ear with surprise and joy to see them ditch the confinement of beautiful wedding attire and go all-in with stylish comfort.

To be frank, it was AWESOME.

Also, mad props to Ryan’s mom meeting me the next day to give me my satchel and Nathan’s blazer we left at the reception.

Where We Go From Here

Nathan and I love the people we get to photograph. We especially love it when they’re people who just fit like a glove. Ryan and Ryane are that. I don’t like to refer to the images Nathan and I photograph as a “photo” because it takes away from the image. So, yes, we can call these Ryan and Ryane’s wedding photos at Jennings Trace, or we can look at it as something more…they’re life, archived.

Ryan and Ryane, thank you so much for allowing us to be a part of your wedding and your life. We’re sorry your schedule got hectic and we were unable to schedule a bridal session prior to the wedding. (Thank goodness we got those portraits on the day of!) But we’re so excited we were able to plan for an anniversary session instead! We’re excited to see you two again. 

Getting married and need a photographer duo that’s amped up for your wedding like you? We should definitely get coffee together.


Jennings Trace Chapel
23849 FM 1097, Montgomery, Tx 77356

The Senterpiece

DJ – Cory Bean

All Star Catering Co

Bakery and Cakes

Hair by Kylie Kilgore

Glammed Up by Kels

Bridal Shop:
Unbridaled – Houston

Tux Rentals:
Men’s Warehouse

Simply Blush Rentals

Action Limo


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We're Nathan & Zoey and we're so happy you're here. This blog is a  journal about our photography, family life, and travels. Stay a while and say hello!

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