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Known for: watching sitcoms, not taking ourselves too seriously, 2+ coffees/day and loving our job a little too much.

When we first started photography we never thought it would come to play as big of a role in our life as it has, what started as a weekend hobby turned into a continuous search for something deeper and grander with every amazing couple we had the opportunity to photograph. 

While we never like to take ourselves too seriously, we recognize the importance of every moment and seek to create photographs that transport you to the moment of your wedding, using the love we have for each other and our family to guide us. 

All those emotions you feel on your wedding day? The love for your future spouse? For your family? The joy you're filled with just thinking of your wedding day? We've been there. We've felt that and we use those feelings to create intentional imagery that will remind you of those emotions for the rest of your life. 

nathan + zoey

about us

Known for: khaki pants, rolled up sleeves, and listening to way to many podcasts.

Guys out there I want to let you in on a little secret: it’s the secret to having a great marriage and a great relationship. Here is what you do, you put on that favorite button down of yours and get her in the car and drive to HomeGoods, because when you go on HomeGoods dates, things are ALWAYS good at home.

And for y’all thinking “Is this guy really going to cry at my wedding?” Most likely. Zoey and I don’t just photograph weddings, we get to know you, we pray for you, and we help you slow down and enjoy every part of your fairytale day, so yeah, I’m not too manly to admit I’ll tear up when you walk down the aisle.

I'm Nathan

about us

Known for: his green eyes, gorgeous brown curls, and only wearing pants if 100% necessary.

First off I have to be honest with y'all, I’m not the one writing this, my parents are. I'm not being lazy its just that I can't actually read and right now is my nap time -- and I whole-heartedly believe that nap time is the most important time of the whole day. Without it I am grouchy and nobody likes it when I am grouchy. Plus, during nap time I get to use my favorite binky and cuddle with mommy or daddy, and nothing is better than holding on to the ones you love

I'm beckham

about us

This one's too hard! Food is soo good!
Sushi is at the top of the list but there are a lot that come close.


Our Son, Beckham, no contest! He is a total goofball and we are so lucky to be his parents, he brings so much joy to our lives.



Our fur baby, Poppy. She's completely spoiled and too cute for her own good.

Furry friend


Binge watching and obsessing over our "tv show of the moment" ..  Right now it's Friends and we both agree Joey is the best!

guilty pleasure


Charleston for sure. 
Its such a charming and magical place to be.. and don't get us started on their shrimp grits... YUM

places we've been



The toasts, We love hearing our couples love stories told by the people closest to them.

part of my job


Our favorite things:

about you

Does this sound like you? Inquire with us.

They value our work, and they value each other.

Our clients love travel, classic style,  gorgeous neutral tones, and a wedding day covered in classic charm and elegance


They care about the details and how they treat people in the process, we love being a part of the day their life together begins.

We are so grateful to do what we love.

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