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Print Wedding Photos: Don’t Let Algorithms Hide Your Wedding


May 11, 2023


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We're Nathan & Zoey and we're so happy you're here. This blog is a journal about our photography, family life, and travels. Stay a while and say hello!

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If you don’t print wedding photos, you won’t see them as often as you should. Have you ever scrolled through social media and had a memory pop up on your timeline, and just as you were going to click the image, the page refreshed? Then even more frustrating is how difficult it is to find the photo again – if you can even do that.

Yeah, Zoey and I aren’t huge fans of that happening. We’re pretty much “Team Fight the Algorithm.” We don’t want our memories – or our clients memories – to be buried by cat memes and political posts. That’s why we print wedding photos – let’s discuss that.

Print Wedding Photos

If we’re going to do this, we’re going to do this right! Probably the most exciting thing that happens after your wedding is receiving your wedding photographs! It never fails – after every wedding reveal session, our couples tell us, “I forgot about that!” And we can’t blame them – so much happens on your wedding day, it’s easy to forget most of what has happened. There is no such thing as a perfect wedding (which we love) and too much happens to remember!

The beautiful thing that happens when you print wedding photographs, is that they tend to jog your memory. When you display them the right way around the house, it helps keep those memories (and your love) alive.

How to Display Wedding Photos

Heirloom Albums

Easily our favorite method of displaying memories (and probably the most common) – heirloom albums. The reason why an heirloom album is so special is because it is the one way you can display an entire wedding day in a cohesive story.

When Zoey and I design an heirloom album, we focus on story and design – then we add other portraits according to the sentimental value each holds for our clients.

When designing an album, we design it according to the spread rather than the page. It is an intentional practice as it helps us curate beautiful albums that honor our clients stories and images.

Framed Prints or Canvas

Another way we love to print wedding photographs and display them is through framed prints and canvases. Frames come in a variety of forms and the reason we love them is because of the featured aesthetic each gives to the portrait it is displaying. Frameless canvases are another option of displaying large photo prints on your wall for those who prefer a frameless look.

Shelf Prints

Shelf prints are probably the easiest to design! The portrait sizes here typically range from small 4×6 to 8×10 prints. It really comes down to finding the frames that match your style and the wedding portraits you want to highlight.

Guest Book

This method for how to display wedding photos is actually more geared towards your engagement photos – but hey, we’re talking about getting your photos out of the digital format, so we’re going to talk about it!

You’ve probably already been to a wedding or two with a wedding guest sign-in book or some other method of asking guests to mark their attendance to a wedding. While these are fun, often they end up in a box or storage area to collect dust. Zoey and I have designed several guest sign-in books from our clients’ engagement sessions that they love to display in their homes!

Whenever they have an itch to reach over to their coffee table and flip through their images, they’ll also be reminded of who all showed up to the wedding.

Photo Box

This is a display option Zoey and I have recently started offering to our couples, which is a photo box. We absolutely love these boxes by Make & Stow because they’re so simple and yet so elegant. These work as beautiful complimentary pieces to sit on coffee tables, shelves, desks, or even end tables. We also love these because they’re conversation pieces.

Instead of having to crowd around a single book, these actually allow you to pass photos around as you sit down and beautifully store them when everyone is done looking at them.

These are just a few examples to print wedding photographs – but truthfully, it can be a bit overwhelming figuring out how to display wedding photos in your home. The last thing Zoey and I want for our couples is to never print their photos and let algorithms dictate when they see them. That’s why we assist our couples in finding the right ways to display their wedding photos in their homes in a way that is respectful to their wedding, and compliments their home. A wedding is too important to be captive in a digital format – it should be felt and seen in print.


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We're Nathan & Zoey and we're so happy you're here. This blog is a  journal about our photography, family life, and travels. Stay a while and say hello!

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