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Should I Do a First Look? 7 Reasons We Think You Should


March 15, 2022


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We're Nathan & Zoey and we're so happy you're here. This blog is a journal about our photography, family life, and travels. Stay a while and say hello!

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At some point in the wedding planning process you are going to come across the question of whether or not you should do a First Look. First Looks have become pretty normal these days but it is still a big debate for a lot of couples whether or not one is right for their wedding.

We get it, there is something really special about watching your groom’s face as you walk down the aisle and seeing the emotion grow as you get closer. That moment is priceless.

What if we told you that you can have that moment, add another amazing memory to your day, get more gorgeous wedding images and have more time to enjoy your wedding day?

We believe that a First Look can do just that. Here are seven reasons why it can add to your wedding day.

Angie and Luke Prepare for their first look

1. Double the pictures with your favorite person

When couples opt for the traditional aisle reveal it means that family formals, bridal party portraits and and couples portraits are all in the time window between the ceremony and dinner. This often means that there’s is only 45 to 60 minutes to capture all of these.

When you choose to do a First Look we are able to take care of all of your family and bridal party pictures before the ceremony as well as capture portraits of the two of you. Then, after the ceremony you have even more time to get images of the two of you in the gorgeous golden light of sunset or even enjoy cocktail hour with your guests if you choose to.

2. A First Look = A stress free timeline

When you choose to do a First Look it extends your wedding day so that the timeline can be moved around and opened up to provide a more stress free day.

Typically the busiest part of your wedding day starts when you are getting ready to walk down the aisle. Immediately after the ceremony you have to rush through family formals and portraits so you aren’t late for introductions and then it’s reception time. All that within an hour! With a first look you are able to take care of your bridal party images and photos with your immediate family, as well as some couples portraits before the ceremony. This gives you more time to hang out with all of your favorite people and taking away a lot of the pressure that comes directly after the ceremony.

3. Enjoy Some Alone Time

First Looks allow for you and your future spouse to spend time alone on your wedding day. It is very common for the First Look to be the only time of the entire wedding day where you have the opportunity to be completely by yourselves.

When photographing First Looks we will even often step away for a few moments so you have the opportunity to be together for a little bit without the pressure of anyone or the cameras being around.

Once we are done with that we have found that this is the perfect time to do some portraits of the two of you because you are already in that loving cuddly mood. When portraits are after the ceremony they can be a little rushed which can make it hard to get back into that place especially with tons of family around.

4. Avoid possible bad weather

If it looks like there might be poor weather on your wedding day a First Look is a great way to add flexibility to your schedule, if it does happen to rain after your ceremony you will be so glad had you pictures done in advance, keeping you from having to do them all inside.

Also, if you are expecting rain on your wedding day, we highly recommend some of these clear umbrellas. They perfect for keeping you dry when you do go outside and they look great in pictures!

5. Enjoy the moment freely

When you do a first look on you wedding day you get to enjoy seeing each other for the first time however you would like.

Most brides don’t think about the fact that when they walk down the aisle and absolutely stun their future husband standing at the alter, he can’t even tell them how amazing they look. He can’t touch you or hug you or freestyle rap about how great you butt looks in your dress.

You have to wait until after the ceremony is over to talk about the reaction to seeing each other for the first time and it just isn’t the same as it is right there in the moment.

6. Add an extra memory to your day

One of the top concerns we hear from couples about doing a First Look is that they are worried that it will take away from the specialness of seeing each other as they walk down the aisle.

After talking with tons of couples who have chosen to do First Looks as well as having done a First Look at our own wedding, we can tell you this doesn’t seem to be the case. Doing a First Look adds an intimate moment to your wedding that you wouldn’t otherwise have and when you see the love of your life walking down the aisle it will still be just as special knowing you are about to start the rest of your life together. The two moments are completely different experiences not replacements for each other.

In fact a lot of our couples will choose to use the First Look time to read personal vows or letters to each other that they otherwise may not have gotten to read.

7. Get the opportunity to freshen up

The last reason I want to share with you about doing a First Look is for all of you out there who know the tears are going to flow when you see each other for the very first time. Doing a First Look allows for you to have time before the ceremony to straighten and freshen up so you can look your very best.

We absolutely love First Looks as you can probably tell, but we know they aren’t for everybody. Your wedding day is YOUR wedding day and you should it experience it in a way that is right for you. First look or not, the first time you see each other on your wedding day will be special.

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We're Nathan & Zoey and we're so happy you're here. This blog is a  journal about our photography, family life, and travels. Stay a while and say hello!

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